Day Of The Dead 2019 Recap

As heroes of all ages marched towards The Castle doors they could see colorful lights dancing across the drawbridge. The faint sound of laughter and swordplay echoed throughout the courtyard. The doors opened and a wild cast of creatures welcomed attendees into the evening with promises of fellowship and hints of mystery beginning to unfold.

It all began with the residents of Sidleterra throwing a gigantic potluck dinner, provided by Guardian Adventures and various families in attendance. Once every belly was full, the heroes were led to witness a ceremony between the Fae. This ceremony was to mark the passing of a magical Orb that helps to control and power the seasons.

As Lord Summer was passing off the Orb to his brother, Lord Autumn, a dark figure darted between them, snatching the Orb and disappearing into the shadows. Confused and disgruntled, Lord Autumn accused Lord Summer of trying to prolong his season. Lord Summer denied that he had anything to do with the theft. He then called upon our heroes of Sidleterra to explore every nook and cranny of The Castle, pleading with them to discover the truth and save his name.

The heroes began their quest for truth. Within The Castle, they found a Cooky Carnival that Spring created, a battle ground overseen by Autumn, a realm of Lord Summer where he told grand stories of the Fae, and finally a realm in which Lord Winter displayed the ways of ice and snow.

There was something to be seen, something to be done, and something to learn in every realm, but the Orb remained missing. The mystery was growing as time began to run out for the falsely accused Lord Autumn. To raise the spirits of our disgruntled Fae, the heroes performed traditional Morrocan songs and dances, taught by special cultural guests brought by Guardian Adventures.

Many heroes had noticed by now a dark and menacing figure meandering the hallways. Garbed in a black suit, shades, and scowl, the being introduced himself as Mr. Styx. As the night came to a close, our heroes were called to Mr. Styx’s office and asked what they had learned of the Orb’s theft.

After much discussion, a being named Aicha was called forward. She willingly returned the magical Orb to the Fae so that the seasons could pass properly. She explained that a dark version of herself was the one who had taken the Orb in first place, but was not able to explain further. Mr. Styx bid our heroes leave his realm, and they returned to the world outside of Sidleterra.

After the adventure, our older heroes were invited to a masquerade ball to continue with festivities in true Sidleterra style. The ball was themed as a semi-formal dance, although many costumed characters still roamed the room. Every face boasted a smile, which is no surprise considering that the ball was kicked off by a fire spirit, breathing flames high into the night sky.

The evening was a smashing success. From the wonderful food provided by our families to the comradery and teamwork in the adventure and masquerade ball, we at Guardian Adventures would like to say thank you to all who made it a night to remember. We hope that this event has sparked your hero’s curiosity of what’s to come this summer and properly put forth our gratitude for all that you, the parents and guardians, do. We couldn’t be what we are today without your incredible support. So, here’s to the Day Of The Dead and here’s to another summer of adventure…

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