Coronavirus and The Castle


It’s the biggest topic on the news and we know you have feelings about it. The hardest part is all of the unknowns. It’s scary to not know what lies in front of us… but we wanted you to know that our team at Guardian Adventures is taking the news of the Coronavirus seriously.

It was due to the generosity of the administration of TEDMed that I was given a complimentary pass to attend the annual conference this past week in Boston. TEDMed is attended by some of the world’s leading medical and research professionals. As you can imagine, the Coronavirus was a hot topic. But thanks to TEDMed, I was able to listen to talks and take part in these discussions in person with immediate advice from top experts.

With this education and feedback in mind, our company is asking that you, our parents, heroes, and students, partner with us to enact our new prevention policies.

As much as this situation might make us feel like we should separate to protect ourselves, we believe that working together will help us continue to enjoy each others’ company while also making strides towards the prevention of all contagious diseases – not just the Coronavirus. We are strongly committed to continuing our goals to promote community and physical interaction as a means of education. We just want to ensure it is done safely (as we always have).

We DO plan to continue operating our classes, parties, events, and our upcoming full week of April School Break Adventures (including extended day) and summer camps.

We are certain that with these extra measures, we can keep moving forward into the unknown together. Please join us as we stand strong in the face of uncertainty.

Thank you,

Meghan Gardner
Director & Founder
Guardian Adventures


As we work together at Guardian Adventures to each do our part in the prevention of ALL contagious viruses, we would like to ask for your understanding and assistance in implementing our new, changed, or existing policies – many of which are consistent with health agencies and researchers. Please note that these policies are in place indefinitely:

1. We strongly encourage all attendees to wear their own fencing gloves or batting gloves so as to avoid germs when using foils, foam swords, or NERF blasters. Please see #3 below for ordering your own gloves.

2. When at The Castle and camp, please immediately put on your gloves or avoid hand-to-hand contact. If your hands are gloved, you can participate in our standard “High Five, Handshake, or Fist Bump”. Hugging is not recommended. Like knights of old, we recommend salutes as formal and fun greetings to avoid direct physical contact. If your hands are not gloved and a physical greeting is necessary, we recommend the endorsed form of touch greeting at TEDMed: lightly touching elbows.

3. We strongly encourage you to purchase your own personal protective and weapon equipment instead of using our shared equipment. To assist in this, we are providing a onetime 25% discount on ALL personal equipment. We have created a special online order form with all of our recommended equipment and the applied discount to make it very easy for you to order equipment. This only applies to local pick-up. We are not currently shipping orders.

4. At The Castle, we will disinfect the following at the end of each day:

o All door, faucet, toilet, and equipment handles and knobs
o All GA swords, foils, NERF blasters, safety glasses, masks, and props in “Decon” labeled bins

5. The following will be disinfected after each class or event:

o All fencing masks and gloves that have been used in the class
o Decon Bin items that need to be used again before the end of the day

6. We have ordered hand sanitizers to be available in each classroom. Please use after each class or event.

7. At the start of each class, camp, and event instructors will explain best hygiene practice:

o Cough or sneeze into your elbow, not your hand
o Do not touch your face with your hands
o Wear your own personal protective equipment instead of shared equipment
o Do not share your own personal equipment
o WASH AND DRY YOUR HANDS after you use the toilet or attend class (don’t forget to dry as well since viruses thrive in moisture)

8. We are creating a special FREE zombie virus game event that will teach proper hygiene to participants (and penalize bad hygiene with point deduction) while battling zombies. Our objective is to teach proper prevention in a fun way that is memorable. Keep an eye out for this special event announcement!

9. We suggest that you look to the following websites for current information regarding the status of the Coronavirus and preventative measures that can be taken:

o Status of Virus: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html
o Teaching kids proper handwashing: https://www.cdc.gov/handwashing/handwashing-family.html
o When to keep your child home: https://www.healthychildren.org/English/family-life/work-play/Pages/When-to-Keep-Your-Child-Home-from-Child-Care.aspx

10. We ask for your assistance and support by regularly endorsing and reminding your family and friends of best hygiene procedures and most importantly: Please do NOT come to classes, camps, or events if you have a fever or other contagious symptoms.

A sincere Thank You to each of you for your continued support and for being a part of our community as we move forward together.

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