Cary Memorial Library Invasion Recap

On the seventh of December at seven o’clock in the evening, the doors to Cary Memorial Library were locked in attempts to contain the magic that had suddenly burst from the bookshelves. One hundred teens stood in awe as creatures and characters from classic literature stood before them, no longer bound to their original pages. The library had come alive, so what’s an unsuspecting librarian to do? Grab a Guardian!

Guardian Adventures was thrilled to collaborate with Cary Memorial Library in Lexington MA on their event “Night At The Library.” One hundred teens attended the evening, not quite sure what they were about to encounter. What they found was a fully immersive adventure complete with heroes, villains, and some whacky characters too, all residing in various nooks and crannies of the library.

Golem waits in the library halls

The teens were grouped by genre and escorted throughout the adventure by famous authors from their genre, including Edgar Alan Poe, Mary Shelley, and Shakespeare just to name a few. The authors’ beloved characters, both good and evil, had somehow escaped from the confines of their books. Every character needed to be returned by ten o’clock or the library may never return to normal. The teens accepted the quest to assist their authors and began their adventure, unaware of the danger lurking in the shadows of the bookshelves.

It all began somewhat easily, with simple characters known as Inklings causing mayhem. The teens quickly discovered that if they got the Inklings to touch a blank page they would become entrapped as their ink bonded with the paper. Once caught, the Inklings could be sent back into the world of literature through a giant magical book called The Codex, protected by the librarians. It all seemed fairly simple…but the next wave of baddies was on its way.

The Master Librarian warns authors of the evil lurking in the bookshelves

Next came the Blots. They were more powerful than the Inklings and much more devious. In the ranks of the Blots we found familiar characters like the pirate Smee enjoying his freedom from employment under Hook, a discombobulated Victor Von Frankenstein frantically searching for his lost monster, and even The Mad Hatter, straight from Wonderland, deep in a game of chess. The teens could choose to help the characters as they reveled in their newfound freedom or attempt to capture them and return the Blots to their books. However, when the teens tried to trap the Blots on blank pages, they discovered that the new characters were a bit too strong for such a simple trap. Instead, the authors used the power of penmanship to write commands, forcing the Blots to return, retreat, or occasionally “shhh,” (as librarians often say).

The Mad Hatter sits at a chess board

As ten o’clock neared, most of the characters had been returned to their appropriate books, but the worst was yet to come. Without warning, some of the literature’s most terrifying baddies emerged from the bookshelves and they certainly had no interest in returning. These were the Lexiconstructs, with names like Loki, Captain Hook, and the horrible Kraken!

With a little creativity, bravery, and a trusty librarian at their side, the teens successfully defeated the Lexiconstructs and banished them through the Codex. One last villain remained though and this one was going to be the most difficult to vanquish.

Captain Hook stands with the teens

The teens regathered to share what they’d learned about the Inklings, Blots, and Lexiconstructs. It seemed that they had the tools and knowledge needed to save the day, and so they returned to the center of the library for their final encounter. A firey Eye of Sauron burned from the wall as sounds of thunder and volcanoes echoed through the halls. Standing high atop the spiral staircase loomed The Witch King with an assembly of Orcs. It was revealed that the Witch King was responsible for the outbreak of villains, having granted them each a magical ring of power. The Lord Of The Rings universe was no longer enough for the Witch King and it seemed that ours was next.

The Witch King stands with its Orcs

By rewriting a part of Tolkien’s tale and reading aloud in unison, the teens were able to banish the Witch King into its own fires of Mordor that bubbled and burned atop the spiral staircase. The rings of power were cast into the flames, the lights came back on, and the library was saved!

To all our wonderful volunteers, amazing librarians, incredible staff, and courageous attendees, we’d like to say thank you for a simply magical evening of adventure. Who says you have to be quiet in the library?

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The teens learn about the types of villains they'll encounter in the library

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