Last night, I was honored to be invited to a round table discussion hosted by Scientific American magazine about how to get more girls interested in science and how to get more women pursuing a science career to stay with it. 
As an operator of two STEM based summer camps, I was offered the chance to speak up about how to get girls and young women inspired to pursue a future in science.  I was asked what I would like to see coming out of the round table.  
My response was rather emphatic:  “We’ve got Neil deGrasse Tyson – who is awesome! And Bill Nye the Science GUY – who also rocks. But where’s the woman who girls can point to and say “I can be like HER!”
I then threw down a gauntlet in a rather public way, challenging Sci Am to write more articles about and by women scientists. I happen to know that their Editor In Chief is a woman, so I didn’t think that this would be disregarded.  I also stated that unlike other people in that room, I actually DO own a gauntlet and I will be shipping it to the Executive Editor’s office and following up with them.
To their credit, the editors applauded me. And then approached me after to talk more.  I am very proud of my favorite science magazine and I am excited to see what they do.
On that note, I am going to follow through on my promise and we will be sending an actual metal gauntlet to Fred Guterl, the Executive Editor of Scientific American, along with a photo of a group of our girl and young women warriors who are interested in science.  We will be assembling for this photo shoot next Friday at 6:30pm at Guard Up.  We are asking attendees to come dressed in their very best costumes or fencing whites.  Bring your foam swords, NERF blasters, or fencing foils.  
Boys and young men (or any other gender identity) who are interested in supporting more attention to and more access for women scientists are also invited to be a part of this photo.  If you are a parent or an adult and you support women in science you are also invited to be in the photo.
Let’s send a message to Scientific American that we are a company and community that supports women in science!