About: Guard Up offers classes, birthday parties, and summer camps for kids, teens, and adults. The educational adventures at Wizards & Warriors Camps and Zombie Summer Camp feature live interactive stories that teach academics and life skills.  Our year-round facility in Burlington also offers weekly classes in Fencing, Swordsmanship, NERF and our interactive, educational adventures.


As some of you may know, at the start of 2017 I was intent on finding a new owner for Guard Up.  As the year progressed, I came to realize that I wanted to remain a part of this exciting and growing company… but to partner with someone who had the skill set, passion, and time to expand our presence in the educational adventure community.  I am still active in my Hospice work and realize that in order to make this company and our services more available to those heroes waiting for us, I need a partner willing to dedicate the kind of energy I did when this company was young.

So I am in the process of looking for a business partner.  The best candidate would be someone who understands our vision and who wishes to bring our unique camps, classes, and events to multiple locations.  They need to have strong business experience as well as a passion for working with highly creative people.  The following are some of the attributes I am looking for:

  • Either an advanced degree in business management combined with internship experience or significant experience in managing a business:  This includes knowledge of finance, government regulation, human resources, marketing, and other vital aspects of running a company
  • Staff management experience including interviewing, training, and managing staff: We place a high value on finding the right staff and providing ongoing staff training 
  • Experience in the education industry or similar fields such as training or coaching: Yes, we are known for swords and NERF Blasters and exciting adventures… but education is the core of our mission
  • Entrepreneur / Start-Up mentality:  We are a small business and our resources and staff are limited, so a sense of realism combined with drive, creative problem solving, and skill at finding new opportunities, are important
  • Flexible schedule: Because running a business is a lot like being a parent – you have to be available around the clock if needed

If you know of anyone who fits these qualities, please send this page to them and encourage them to fill out the form below.  I’m looking forward to finding the right co-captain who is ready and able to sail into this next stage of the adventure.

Meghan Gardner
Guard Up Inc.


I’m interested in talking more about becoming a partner at Guard Up. What’s next?

Please fill out the below contact form and we will be in touch.  Looking forward to talking with you!

  • All serious candidates must be prepared to sign a mutual and legally binding Confidentiality Agreement and exchange personal or business financial documents with Guard Up in order to view Guard Up financial documents.
  • Being a business partner requires being accessible all hours and all days of the year, if necessary.
  • Please provide details on your experience in business management, budgeting, and leadership.
  • Please provide details on your experience in education, training, or coaching adults or children.
  • Please provide details on your experience working with kids or families. This can be either professional or as a volunteer.
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