Breaking The Mold of Education

“The Introducer isn’t just a publication, it is a vehicle for creating meaningful connections around the globe that expand social impact.”
This is a mission strongly supported by Guard Up and our CEO, Meghan Gardner, so it’s no wonder that she sat down with the magazine to share our stories of cultural education and life long learning. See what she had to say in the brand new article from The Introducer
As informal learning evolves, Guard Up remains front and center, pushing the boundaries of education. It’s important to us to share what we’re accomplishing and spread the word about this rapidly growing practice. Informal learning is the name of the game at Wizards & Warriors STEM Summer Camp. Heroes aren’t given a question and answer, instead they are presented a challenge. Through overcoming that challenge, the lesson is learned on their own terms. Knowledge is discovered rather than drilled in the grand adventure.

Is your hero ready for the challenge? Bunks are still open at camp this summer. Reserve yours today at 

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