If you’ve ever heard of Boda Borg, you’ll be excited to know that we had the pleasure of running a team-building event for them at our Castle. Boda Borg is a “real-world gaming environment,” where “teams of 3-5 guests move through Quests, tackling a variety of mental and physical challenges”. As you can tell, we at Guard Up share a lot of commonalities with our friends at Boda Borg, so coming up with an adventure for them was an exciting challenge! Read their review about their adventure to find out what they thought:

“The Boda Borg Boston team had a fantastic outing at Guard Up. Parents among you may recognize them for their LARP camps for kids, but they also put together custom adventures for “older kids” like us.

We chose a sci-fi adventure with NERF guns but didn’t know anything more than that. On-site we learned that we were government agents and that a top-secret space mission had crash landed when coming home, and that things looked bad. Our first mission was to reach the site and learn the situation.

We chose to approach through the forest (another option was a network of caves), where we encountered some plant-zombie creatures who attacked us. We eventually fought our way through to the crash site, where we found a lone survivor of the crash — a scientist who was disoriented and scared, but who we were able to bring back to base. We also found some chemicals and pieces of a formula…

Back at the base, things got interesting. The scientist explained that they’d found some plant life on an asteroid and that it showed incredible rates of growth once exposed to oxygen. Too late, they realized they were a plot device in a sci-fi horror movie and plant spores had begun to take over the minds of the crew. The scientist had been working on a formula which he believed would weaken the main host creature enough that it could be destroyed…and with it, the plant army. But if not, it would surely take over our world.

Back to action. We recovered some more components of the serum, as well as a powerful battery from the spaceship. We also learned that some local plants could nullify the plant monsters, at least temporarily.

The scientist, meanwhile, was raising some red flags. He was wearing another person’s nametag and had no satisfactory explanation for how he’d managed to survive for twenty-four hours in the middle of a plant-zombie apocalypse. We listened as he explained how he thought we could destroy the plants and save the world…but we wondered if he might be setting us up.

For the final mission, we needed to lure the head plant into the water, zap him with the battery, and then shoot him with our blasters that had been weaponized with the scientist’s formula. This proved difficult to do, and as our numbers fell and hope seemed to fade we heard from HQ that if we weren’t able to destroy the plants within ten minutes they would blow up the entire area.

I guess they thought that was the only way to be sure.

The shock and blast trick seemed to hurt the creature but not kill it…and meanwhile, those of the team who were watching the scientist grew more and more suspicious that he was, in fact, the lead zombie and that fulfilling his plan would bring ruin on us all. Tensions rose to a point where two of our crew actually killed their captive.

Over at the crash site, we had a desperate plan. There was a large bomb, waiting to blow up and kill us all. Could we use it to save the day? A particularly reckless agent dodged past some zombies, grabbed the bomb, and handed it to the head plant zombie, who reflexively held on to it and then was lured, for one final time, into the water. The electric shock detonated the bomb in his arms and the world was saved. (Presumably, those of us in the water with him were not so lucky.)

The Guard Up team was great throughout the day. The biggest challenge in doing something like this is remembering that the players are the stars of the show, and they definitely made us feel like the action heroes. They also had great instincts about when to call a quick game halt to make sure we understood a rule or how something worked and then transitioned smoothly back to play as soon as we were ready to go. They definitely showed that they can run a game for adults as well as they do for kids.

Then we were off to the Flatbread Company for some great pizza, drinks, and conversation. Great atmosphere, really tasty and high-quality food, and friendly service. A perfect way to end the outing.”

If you have an adult group that would love an interactive adventure for a team-building activity, feel free to give us a call. Even though we primarily focus on camps and classes for kids, we love putting together adventures for adults and making them feel like kids again. So next time you plan a staff outing, another “29th” birthday party, or just a kid-free night out, give us a call at (781) 270-4800 and we’ll give you an adventure to remember.