Black Friday Creeps Towards Us…

The desert air had made a gritty paste in the throats of the warriors. Their eyes stung, and their garments were heavy with sweat. Exhaustion clung to them like grief, but there was no time to dwell on the lack of comfort…they stood in a roughly hewn lair before the fabled Forty Thieves, and their task was a simple one: Gain their trust and recover the famed Egg Of The Phoenix…or have future adventurers find their bones amongst the rocks.

Meanwhile, In another corner of Sidleterra, The weary members of Z-Corp crept through the bowels of the research facility. They had seen it all… zombies being the least of it, and they were as salty as bad cooking. Clues had been unlocked and a path had been revealed…a path that led down to the sub-basement. Their blasters were lifelines, and each of them knew at any moment, they might have to face the ancient nightmare that lurked there…

Don’t worry, the brave Heroes that stood up against evil this past Veterans Day were triumphant. We know after the trials that were faced, a rest is deserved… but like a bad penny, the forces of darkness always turn up. That’s right, Sidleterra calls once again to its brave defenders, and Black Friday is when they are needed.

This November 23rd, while the adults are seeking great deals and battling for that elusive prize known as a parking space, The defenders of the realm can join us for another all day adventure from 9am until 3pm (extended day options available). If your Hero has a sword, we need their bravery. If your Z-Corp member has an itchy NERF Blaster, we need their accuracy. This experience will continue to whet the appetite for this summer’s camp, with touches of Middle Eastern folklore and culture as well as allusions to Asimov’s Foundation series. Pre-registration is required, and time is slipping by like shadows in a dark room.

Don’t let Sidleterra slide into despair… Come bear the mantle of Hero!

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