Zombie Invasion Group Adventures



Is your team ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?


You’ve pondered just how tough your group is and whether they can handle the biggest challenges. And what bigger challenge can there be than the impending doom of the human race which hovers the edge of extinction while hordes of undead seek to make your team their daily snack of brains on toast?

Fortunately there is a solution: Zombie Blaster™ Group Adventures.

We help your group be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse.


nerf-classIt’s time to take your adventure to the next level and face down those gruesome, shambling, drooling, stuff-of-the-safety-officer’s-nightmare and let them know that YOU and YOUR team are NOT about to spend your outing budget on beers and apps until AFTER the world has been saved!

For more information on how to get your group ready to survive the stress of the Zombie Apocalypse, please call 781-270-4800. We can host your team at our location in Burlington, MA or send our team, zombies, and equipment to your location. Yes, we can actually invade your company or location.

The zombies are coming… we can help you prepare.

Who is this for?

Your company’s team, your group of adult friends, your social organization’s members, etc.  The only requirement is a sense of adventure, the courage to face down the walking dead, and a desire to save the human race.

What’s it like?

After the safety talk (gotta keep that safety officer happy), we provide your team with a full blown adventure with costuming, makeup and special effects designed to take your team to the next level for operating effectively when the real zombie apocalypse comes shambling in. Expect to spend 2 hours at our facility then come out a lean, mean, zombie fighting machine. We can accommodate teams of up to 20 adults. If we invade your company or location, the group size is only limited by your own available space. We can provide you with NERF blasters.

This isn’t your normal group adventure. What other outing elicit battle cries from your normally shy receptionist?

We promise an adventure that will give your friends or employees bragging rights for a long time to come… and your team will drastically improve its chances of surviving the zombie outbreak while all of your competitors collapse into the radioactive dust. Talk about competitive edge!

Your next step is simple:  Call  (781) 270-4800 or fill out the form below and let our representative know that you are interested in a Zombie Outing for your social group or company.  But call soon because our schedule fills up quickly!