Museum and Library Fundraising Events

Have you ever seen the movie “Night at the Museum”?

In this movie, the museum displays and exhibits come to life to cause havoc while a new security guard tries desperately to get them to return to their previous state.

Imagine an event held at your museum or library where the characters come alive and the kids or teens (we call them “Heroes”) have to figure out how to get them back into their display or the books… but in order to do so, they have to first solve a mystery using teamwork and the information provided by the actual displays or books.

Our troupe of educational actors can make this event happen at your location as a fundraiser for your patrons.  We have a variety of options for specific age ranges – from 2 hour adventures to all-nighters.  We provide the educators, actors, props, and costumes.  All you need to do is supply the space and promote the event.

Our “All Night” programs have a particular appeal for the elusive teen demographic:  We start the adventure at 8pm and the Heroes have until sunrise (or midnight if you want to make it less involved) to solve the mystery.  If you are looking for a more epic adventure, we can add exciting action where the Heroes battle monsters and villains with foam swords or NERF blasters (although this isn’t required).  

Here is a video that shows an example of an adventure where the Heroes used foam swords and NERF Blasters to battle a Lava monster (while learning about earth science) and summoned the constellation of a Norse Stag (while learning about mythology) to come to their aid.



If you are interested in having us run a fundraiser for your museum or library, give us a call at  (781) 270-4800 or fill out the contact request form below.  We look forward to helping you with your adventure!