Create Your Own Sword or NERF Themed Party

Guard Up, located in Burlington, Massachusetts offers a variety of Sword and NERF™ Themed Birthday Parties and Adventures. Read on to find out more and choose your own themed birthday party. Have something different in mind?  Call us at (781) 270-4800 and our Game Designers and Plot Writers can cook something up!

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you again!  Jack had the absolutely best time at his birthday yesterday.  He loved it.  My family and friends are still talking about it as well.  The adults had as much fun as the kids did.  Multiple children said they wanted to have their future birthday parties there- which as you know, is the ultimate endorsement of how great it was.  Thank you to all the staff for such a memorable event.  You made a six year old boy so very, very happy!  And his 13 yo brother even talked about how cool it was (and 13 yos are not easy to impress. LOL).  You and the guardians are amazing!  I’m sure we will see you all again- either as a guest at someone else’s event, or our own future parties.
Sarah Fitzgerald


Medieval Party

Step back in time with your friends and do battle like the noble warriors of times past. A fully costumed instructor will lead your party, dressed as a warrior from either medieval England or a fantasy realm from your favorite book. Kids are encouraged to bring & wear costumes too, as they play fun games like Defend the Bridge, Archer on the Mountain, Next Warrior, and more. Foam swords provided.  Also, if you are interested in medieval fantasy, you should check out our Wizards & Warriors STEM Summer Camp for a summer of adventure, monsters, and learning!


Pirate Party

Shiver Me Timbers! Arrrgh, Matey. X marks the spot in this wild, high seas adventure. Be led through a series of challenges by a costumed instructor. You and your mates should feel free to dress and talk like pirates too. Fun and Adventure await with games of Treasure Hunting, Pirate Ship Attack, and more. Foam swords, or Nerf Blasters provided.


Space Party 

3-2-1 Blast Off! Battle your way through the stars! All of your friends can help you out in games like Space Station Attack, Planetary Exploration or Defeating Intergalactic Evil Dark Lords. Led by a costumed instructor, our Space Saber or Space Blaster wielding Galactic Knights experience all the peril and adventure this galaxy has to offer. Foam swords, or Nerf Blasters provided.


Zombie Party

Braaaiiinnss… Step into Professor Professerton’s laboratory and meet pets unlike any other. Help the Professor with his mad science experiments, while keeping the Zombie Apocalypse at bay. You may just have to save someone’s life with a zombie antidote. Nerf Blasters provided.  Also, if you are intersted Zombies and NERF, you should consider our Zombie STEM Summer Camp for exciting summer adventure filled with Zombies and learning!


Craft Miners Party

Create your world in a universe where everything is made from cubes. A village farmer from Cube World needs help from some local heroes to protect his villages from monsters. Battle monsters, build shelter, and grow crops in order to save the village! Bring your creative minds, because you’re about to step right into a videogame… Foam swords provided.


Sneaky Stealth Party

Shhh… What was that? If you’re the kind of Hero who enjoys stealth missions, this party theme is for you. Unlock the magic door, tip-toe past monsters, and retrieve the package or magical artifact from a beast’s lair… All without stirring a single hair on its head. This thrilling adventure is perfect for young Heroes who aren’t too keen on chaotic battles. However, we can always ramp up the scare-factor for those older Heroes who love a good stealth adventure. Nerf Blasters or Foam swords provided.


Turn your Party into a Custom Adventure:


Points & Powers Party

Themed Birthday PartiesWhy have a party when you can have an Adventure? The biggest and best party option at Guard Up is the Points & Powers Birthday Party. Learn the game rules and then take on the role of a brave warrior, wise wizard or fearless healer. Then go forth into a customized adventure in a live action story. Costumed instructors provide monsters or brigands to fight, villagers to rescue, and everything else you’ll encounter. Scenery and props transport you to underground lairs, castle halls, haunted graveyards, or wherever the story takes you.  You design the theme of the party, we make your vision come true. The ending is unknown because you decide the outcome!


Themed Birthday Party Add-On Options:

  • Add a Stilt Monster: Have your hero battle a live 9-foot-tall monster! Your party goers will never forget that time they got to fight a monster on stilts.
  • Castles and Mazes: Add inflatable castles and walls for your hero to defend against the hordes of monsters, or to use as cover during an epic Nerf Battle.
  • Monster or Zombie invasion: Think your Hero can handle more monsters? Add more costumed actors to make the adventure more thrilling for your brave Adventurers.

For a sample of some of the different aspects of our themed parties, watch our Themed Birthday Party Video Tour:



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