Be A Hero: Save Our Summer Camps


Some of you may not be aware that The Story School, a 501c3 nonprofit, is the host for Guardian Adventures Summer Camps.  Without The Story School, there will be no summer camps next year.

All humans are wired for stories. This is how we have passed information from generation to generation since we lived in caves. Our desire for a good story can even outweigh our desire for food or safety. Stories inspire us and heal us. They give us direction and they light the spark that becomes the fuel for pursuing a passion. They are also our most valuable tool in education. Stories provide context for lessons and help with both comprehension and retention. Why do you think fables, myths, and legends persist through the centuries? It is because they provide us with a much-needed vehicle for learning. This is the purpose and foundation of The Story School, an organization that has helped make our amazing summer camps possible since their inception.

The Story School, provides story-based education to kids, teens, and adults of countless backgrounds. They use stories to teach everything from world cultures to STEM to essential learning skills. The teachers, counselors, and instructors are professional storytellers who invite the students into an adventure where the student is the hero and the lesson is the obstacle that they must conquer together in order to complete the journey.

It is during challenging times that heroes are needed the most. Our relationship with The Story School has been nothing but magical and we urge our campers, members, and families to show them the same support that you have shown us for the past twenty years.

The Story School needs your help to continue forward with both weekly classes and next summer’s camp as well as helping to retain the tireless and exceptional staff. Your donations will go directly to staff retention and educational programming. With your support, The Story School can keep story-based educational programs affordable and even continue to provide scholarships for families who are experiencing financial hardship during this pandemic.

In times of darkness, your support can be the spark of light students around the nation need to get through this challenge together. From all of us here at Guard Up and our partners at The Story School, we thank you for joining us in this adventure and for your endless support.

If you would like to donate to save our Summer Camps and help provide families in need with support and story-based educational programs, please visit The Story School’s GoFundMe campaign.

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