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Getting Your Child Off The Gaming System and Into The Game (.rtf)

Positive Coaching

Guard Up has assembled a list of resources for parents of our youth and teen students.  Some of our coaching methodology and these resources are taken from the Positive Coaching Alliance, an international organization dedicated to making sports a positive life experience for kids and teens.

  • Empowering Conversations with Your Child (.doc)  Suggestions on how to talk to your kids about their activities and keep the “Lines of Communication” open.
  • Instructor Parent Relationship (.doc) Ideas on how you can help your child’s instructor succeed with your child.
  • Parent Contract with Child (.doc)  An agreement between parent and child to help the child understand the commitment required for training in their activity or sport.
  • Parent Contract with Teen (.doc)  An agreement between parent and teen to help the teen understand the commitment required for training in their activity or sport.
  • PCA Letter to Parents (.pdf)  A letter with brief explanation about our coaching methods.
  • PCA Parents Pledge (.pdf)  A pledge by parents to help their child make sports a positive experience.
  • 40 Assets (.doc)  How Guard Up classes impact the 40 Assets of a happy, healthy child.

These resources are just a sample of the family-positive culture at Guard Up.  Please consider trying out our classes with a Trial Package so you can experience our teaching methods in person.  Discover the difference at Guard Up!


Articles Written About Us

Over the years, we’ve been featured in many blogs, newspapers, and other media sources. Here are some examples: