Our yearly sojourn into the realm of Sidleterra is almost over and we want to hear from you, our wonderful Guard Up family. Your Heroes have conquered the Zombie invasion and have battled with honor during Wizards & Warriors, making memories that will last them the rest of the year, and formed lifetime bonds. What stories have they brought home? What tales have they spun around the dinner table? How have you seen them grow and change upon their return to you after our adventures are over?

Our Heroes change Sidleterra every summer for the better and we are interested in how Sidleterra changes them as well as the world around them. We hope that our staff and experience have made a good impression on you and your Heroes, and we would like to hear about it.

Please submit any and all tales by filling out the form below by next Tuesday, August 7th for inclusion in the next Guard UpDate. We cannot include every single comment but we will do our best. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Story Submission

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