As the seasons start to turn, and the snow starts to melt, the Spring Equinox creeps a little bit closer… And with it comes mysterious messages in our lobby!

We now only have 5 days left until March 24th, when your Hero could have the chance to attend our free Spring Equinox Event. And you have the chance to save up to $300 on camp this summer by pre-registering your camper. The mysterious figure “Magpie” has reached out to your Heroes before for help, and you may have noticed that another note of his has appeared in our magical fireplace in the Castle lobby. Below is what he wrote to your Heroes:

“Heroes of Sidleterra.
As the ice melts and the sun returns to warm the earth, Spring shines its face once again
Or so it is meant to be.
We are in a transition period, Heroes.
The month of Marta is coming, and so are the storms.
And with the storms, comes the Baba.
This is the natural progression of the seasons.
In normal times, this transition would not make me fearful for the safety of Sidleterra….
But these are not normal times.
For the Lamia is to strike yet again.
I have heard, through my travels, that she is trying a different approach this time.
I do not know her exact plans,
But I do know that the Samodivi are growing restless.
For Blagovets is near.
The Lamia knows the power of her children well, and will surely put them to use.
And so, Life calls upon you for aid.
Meet me at the World Tree, and prepare…
For this will be a challenge fit for the Heroes of Legend.
I have seen your courage, honor, and compassion protect this land throughout the years…
And I know that you have what it takes to protect the land once again.
When Life calls, Heroes answer.”

However, just yesterday while we were closing up Guardian Castle, we discovered something on the back of the note… It looks like this strange character is reaching out to the Heroes yet again. Or is it someone else this time? This time, all we found was a drawing of mysterious dancing figures.

Heroes, what could this mean? Who do you think left this message? Could it be a warning? Be sure to stop by our castle to take a look at it yourself!

If your camper is a ZeeCorp Zombie fighter, they won’t want to miss out in helping Captain Nemo look for treasure on an island full of pirates! And you don’t want to miss out on the huge savings involved in signing them up before our free Nerf-themed Spring Equinox Event. As you know, Captain Nemo has sent many messages out to sea in bottles, and one of them has been sitting in our Lobby for some time now. Here’s what he said:

“Defender of ZeeCorp.

Since writing to you last, I have received the news that you have successfully saved my crew from their unfortunate shipwreck. I thank you deeply for your assistance, and I apologize for not greeting you when you arrived. Alas, when one sees an opportunity to explore, one must take it. Before you arrived, I took that very opportunity in the form of stowing away on a passing pirate ship. And thus, I find myself surrounded by criminals on a mysterious island.
At first, I wished to study the pirates, for I had heard an interesting rumor about a treasure of theirs… But now, something else has caught my attention: This island seems to be teeming with the undead!
And so, I ask for your help once again, for I hear that defending this world against the undead is a certain specialty of yours. You proved yourselves last time I called on you for help, so I hope that this predicament is enough to pique your interest and bring you across the seas to coordinates 34°57′S, 150°30′W. I hope to see you soon, equipped with your blasters and new recruits.
Meet me at this island by the eve of the 24th of March, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

Captain Nemo”

However, the other day, we discovered something: a new message, scrawled on the back of his note. Here’s what they wrote:

Hot air balloon crash landed.
Found someone named Nemo, captured by pirates.
Pirates everywhere!
Something strange about them…”

ZeeCorp Defenders, what do you think? Is Nemo in trouble? And what’s strange about the pirates? Be sure to check out this mysterious warning next time you visit the castle!

As you and your camper ponder these strange hints, remember to spread the word to your friends and family, or anyone who might enjoy a summer of fun and educational adventure. We look forward to seeing you on March 24th!