Have you ever watched a movie with swordfighting and said to yourself “I’d like to try that”? Then this workshop is for you.

Designed for adults who have never had the opportunity to battle with a sword before, this workshop will help you feel comfortable with a foam blade and introduce you to core swordfighting concepts that can be used in multiple scenarios. 

Fight like Aragorn or Arya and create your own style to impress your friends.  No previous experience necessary.  Calorie burn is promised. Battle cries optional.


This co-ed workshop is designed for adult beginners, ages 16 and up. Workshop fee includes your own foam sword and an instructional DVD companion covering basic techniques.  Please wear sneakers, tshirt, sweatpants or activewear.  A sports cup is recommended for men.  

Invite your friends and make an evening of sword battles and bragging rights.

$59/person pre-registration (24 hours before event) required by filling out the form below or calling (781) 270-4800. Late registration on the day of the event will incur an additional $5 fee.



If you have questions, fill out this form: