“The universal thing we’re trying to get at is just curiosity and wonder…That excitement about the world, where you want to uncover something magical,” – Damian Kulash (Singer/Guitarist OK Go)


Since 1998, the American rock band OK Go has released an ever-changing catalog of music, from heavy headbangers to happy go lucky pop hits. However, it’s their music videos that have solidified the band in pop culture. You’ve probably seen the one with the Rube Goldberg machine, or maybe the one in zero gravity. The videos are visual stunners but it’s the magic behind the scenes that really excites us. Guard Up is a proud advocate of STEM Education and using real life to teach science, math, and technology to the future heroes of the world. OK Go has recently joined the STEM movement by releasing the OK Go Sandbox.

The Sandbox is an online resource designed for teachers to engage students, using the creativity of the band’s incredible video collection. The band allows students to step behind the curtain of some of their most popular videos and learn the science that went into every shot. Once the lesson is learned, students can experiment together, playing with what’s around them…like a sandbox! Check out this Sandbox lesson where math (and colorful explosions) meets the music:



STEM Education is an incredible tool for promoting life long learning and a love of experimentation in today’s young heroes. Guard Up’s summer camps are designed to apply STEM lessons into all of our interactive storylines, helping your kids to become the thinkers of tomorrow while having the adventure of their lives. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to sign up today as spots are filling quicker and quicker as summer approaches. Give us a call (781-270-4800) or register now at www.guardup.com/campreg.

In the meantime, take a look at what all that math accomplished for OK Go…


If you know a Guardian, then you’ll probably know something or other about the squishy, speedy dart-slingers known as NERF Blasters. But there’s plenty of history in those brightly-colored Zombie-repellers that may have slipped through the cracks. Step into our time machine…



The year was 1969, and what a year it was for America. We placed the Stars and Stripes on the moon, heard the rock ‘n roll of Woodstock, and an indoor friendly foam ball was introduced by Parker Brothers. Their marketing slogan read: “Throw it indoors; you can’t damage lamps or break windows. You can’t hurt babies or old people!” Needless to say…the public went nuts for NERF.

50 years later, the brand continues to excite the masses with new products and even an entire community of NERF Blaster enthusiasts (which we proudly subscribe to). As with anything, there’s bound to be some wackiness packed into a 50-year run. Which of these 5 fun facts did you already know?


Are you ready for your NERF Adventure? RSVP for Adult NERF Night: Battle Royale today! What are you waiting for?

Calling all NERF enthusiasts and fans of foam dart fun!

Bring your NERF blaster (or use ours) and your friends to this special event! Guard Up will provide NERF rival rounds and elite styled darts. If you’d like to bring boom co darts, those are allowed. You are also allowed to bring modified blasters as long as they are under 150 FPS.

For more information visit www.guardup.com. $25/person pre-registration (24 hours before the event) required at www.guardup.com/waiver or call (781) 270-4800. Late registration on the day of the event will incur an additional $5 fee, totaling at $30.

NERF or nothing!


Close your eyes and take yourself back to the last day of school.

You’re staring at the clock, anticipating every tick, until that magical moment arrives when the bell rings and summer starts. Your head is packed with fresh knowledge. Your year has been one amazing learning experience after the other. You’re ready for the world, (especially vacation)!

But then, as suddenly as it began, summer comes to a close. It’s time to return to school.

You take your usual seat and settle in for another year of learning. The teacher asks you what you learned last year and…uh oh…now you can’t remember.

What happened?!?

Summer Learning Loss is very real. It happens to everyone, it even used to happen to you. Luckily, our heroes are equipped with everything they need to combat this common occurrence. Our summer camps are designed to keep your child active, adventuring, and above all else learning. Keeping their minds sharp boosts retention and puts them one step ahead when Day 1 of class comes rolling back. What else can summer camp do to defeat Summer Learning Loss? Check out the article below for 6 reasons why summer camp is your best ally to keep your child growing year round…


6 Ways Summer Day Camps Prevent Summer Learning Loss


Your hero can conquer this obstacle…and we’re here to help. Drop us a line at www.guardup.com/contact-us or get registered today:


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