We’re getting close to winter break.  No doubt this instills a sense of fear in parents across the land.  What are my kids going to do?  Do I want them just hanging around the house all day?  Are video games a fair substitute for actually doing things? Nobody wants a vacation potato sitting around on the couch all week.

Keeping children occupied is only part of the challenge.  You also want them to be entertained, engaged, and active.  While winter break is a vacation from the classroom, this doesn’t mean that learning needs to stop.  If that learning is wrapped around multiple layers of fun — even better.

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(Burlington, MA and Fleischmann, NY) With nearly two decades as a leader in live action role play (LARP) and STEM education, Guardian Adventures is poised for new growth by expanding their opportunities to include adventures at the Spillian Estate in Fleischmann, NY.

Burlington’s Guardian Adventures offers STEM-based summer camps and weekly programs for kids and teens that don’t find the necessary mentorship and growth opportunities in traditional school and after-school programs. They attract a wide audience including those children and young adults on the high functioning autism spectrum as well as those feeling marginalized in everyday surroundings.

We don’t stop enough.  Something about the power of having infinite info at our fingertips and free 2-day shipping created the overwhelming need to keep on moving.  The funny thing is that you don’t notice how distressing it has become until you’re forced to stop. Usually that stoppage comes at a cost — injury, loss, or extreme distress — but when it happens by choice, it becomes an exceptional, life-altering reward.

On Friday afternoon,  I drove out from Guardian Adventures to the Spillian Estate for a weekend of Fire and Ice.  There’s something wonderful about a long, solo drive. With ample time to think, and no need to justify the occasional distraction, it’s an ideal way to decompress.

The westward drive was expansive.  As Boston retreated into the distance, the world got larger.  Mountains grew all around me, and somehow the sky got bigger.  Slowly, the stresses of work and life got further away.

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