Guard Up Founder, Meghan Gardner, has been an active mindfulness and meditation student for years and is offering a one-time mindfulness course for Guard Up members, parents, and friends (ages 16-Adult). This 2-hour workshop will take place on January 28th between 7 and 9 PM and be a basic introduction to learning how to relate to your mind, your thoughts, and your feelings with specific exercises that can help you manage stress, anxiety, anger, cyclical thinking, and other challenging habits.

These basic skills can help college students, parents, and working adults make their “wild mind” more workable. 100% of the seminar fee will be donated to The Story School for covering the costs of providing scholarships to families who would not otherwise be able to afford our STEM summer camps. Please wear comfortable, loose fitting but warm clothing. We will be sitting in chairs or the floor (depending on your preference).

No, we will not be “emptying our mind” or “zoning out”. We will be using mental techniques and breathing exercises to work with our mind’s habits. We won’t be changing or pushing away from our mind (which is quite impossible – you can ignore it, but it’s still there). Instead, we will be changing our relationship with our mind. And yes, it takes skill derived from practice. But as you grow in your skill, you will start to feel your mind and your life slowly become, quite simply, more workable.
Bring a sense of openness and be ready to learn new skills that can change how you see yourself, your life, your loved ones, your pain, your past, and so much more.

Cost:  $20 (members & non-members)