Little Knights

Knight Birthday PartyGuard Up Family Swordsmanship’s Little Knights class is designed with young children in mind. Ages 4 – 6 are taught basic swordsmanship and sword safety, while providing the opportunity to practice good sportsmanship in a fun, safe and structured environment where effort and learning are more important than winning. Our coaching philosophy also emphasizes mistakes as being an important and acceptable part of learning. As well, our course gives kids exciting opportunities for exercise and neural stimulation that only creative play can provide.

Your child will have a chance to advance, not by how precisely they perform, but how well they behave and set a good example for the rest of the students. With constant positive reinforcement your child will make their way from Page, to Squire, and eventually all the way to Knight. Learning happens while playing games and having fun with other children of the same age. The Little Knights class builds confidence, respect for peers, problem-solving and creativity in a safe, fun and educational environment.

Because Little Knights are generally young for other classes, we offer them a special bonus as a graduation present: When they complete their Little Knights training, they receive a free upgrade to an Unlimited Membership (valid for 3 months) to allow them to try other classes and see what they enjoy. While many of our Little Knights move up to our ACE Sword Adventures, many other options, such as fencing classes and historical weapons classes are available. If you feel that this program is right for your child, but they are a little old for it, talk to us- we may be able to accommodate your child’s needs.