As we move further into January, we at Guardian Castle start thinking more and more about the 2017 Camp Season. January is a big month for us, as campers and their families realize that it’s already the New Year, and decide that our camp is where they want to spend their summer. Or maybe New Year’s resolutions have something to do with it, and our educational experience fits into their yearly resolve to become life-long learners. Whatever it is, we are preparing ourselves for the flood of sign-ups we expect this month, and camp is constantly on our minds…

With this shift, my thoughts wander to my own experiences at past summers, and to all of the stories I witnessed and took part in. For a lot of us, these stories are what sparks our passion. It inspires us to hear these stories of campers becoming Heroes, and Heroes becoming Leaders, retold again and again. So I can only imagine how you, the parents, are inspired by your kids’ stories when they come home from a summer of being a Hero. 

As it turns out, we are currently looking for a new entry into our records of past camp session lore. So if you have a camper at home who loves telling their story, let them know that theirs could be the one to live immortalized on our website for years to come! They could be from any house, and could have attended either Quest Day Camp or Overnight Camp (both at our Waltham location). All we need is their unique, personalized perspective on what they experienced during the 2016 camp season. Send us your Hero’s story through our contact form below and we will share it with the world.

You can also read our current Zombie Camp lore, or our Wizards & Warriors Camp lore.

United Sword Heroes

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