“Where were you when I was a kid?” 

This is probably the most common phrase we hear from parents as they walk through our Castle gates for the first time. We’ve even been thinking about getting an engraved plaque with that phrase on it, to mount on our wall. We know it’s hard to watch your kid have the time of their life, playing and learning in a fantastical adventure, without being able to join in. But I have good news: Even though you may not be able to share the experience of your young Hero, you can still take part in making it happen! 

We have many year-round opportunities for volunteer work. These can range from a full day of helping with Overnight Camp set-up, to an hour or two of painting magical scenery on our collapsible walls. If you have any crafting or set-design experience, and want to put it to work amplifying your Hero’s experience, we can use your help! And if you aren’t the artsy type, no worries. We would love any help we can get with event set-up and deconstruction. If you have acting or LARPing experience, you may even be able to play a character and take part in your Hero’s adventure more directly.

Here are a list of upcoming events in which we could use your help:

February 11th: Valentine’s Blackwatch Overnight

February 20th-24th: Winter Break Adventure

March 25th: Spring Equinox Event (details coming soon)

April 17th-21st: Spring Break Adventure

Summer Camp 2017


So if you want to take part in making your Hero’s magical adventure come to life, let us know! Just call us at (781) 270-4800 or fill out this contact form and we will get back to you shortly: