And we’re back! Guardian Castle re-opens today, and we are excited to see you all back in classes. We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Holiday week, and wish you a successful start to the New Year.

Every January, the fresh start of the New Year brings people to make goals and resolutions. This year, we at Guardian Castle have a New Years resolution that we’d like to share with you….


And no, we’re not talking about unplugging your Heroes, although that is already a constant resolution of ours. This time, we are suggesting that you, as the parent, take some time to unplug yourself from the online world. When you’re in line at the store, turn to the person next to you and start up a conversation instead of checking Facebook. Instead of searching for a new Netflix show, take a short walk outside to breathe the fresh air. We spend so much time on our phones that we forget to spend enough time in the present.

We want to help with this challenge. We find that one of the best ways to start conversations with a stranger is to work together for a common goal. So, we will be posting a puzzle or collaborative riddle in our Parent Lounge, for you and the other parents to solve. When a group solves the riddle, let us know who you all are, and we will post your success in the next UpDate.

Happy riddling!