Our Guardian Adventures and educational Summer Camps explore various cultures of the world.  This year, through the summer of 2017, we will be presenting the oral history of a small number of Native American tribes. We are very pleased to have professional educators of those tribes providing us with guidance and feedback so that we represent their history and stories in ways that are culturally sensitive. 

The theme of our Day of the Dead event this year was based on the Arawak tribal stories. For the months of planning leading up to the event, we worked closely with an Arawak educator, Claudia Fox Tree, to make sure we portrayed the ancient traditions of the Arawak people with respect. Claudia is a professional educator who leads conversations on Native American identity, culture, and history featuring discussions about stereotypes and historical inaccuracies.  We are excited to welcome her to the camp planning team this year, and we thank her for her tremendous input into the plot for our successful Day of the Dead event. 

For our Equinox event, we pleased to be working with Jim Bruchac as our educator for the Abenaki (and other Algonquin) oral history. Jim is a renown author and storyteller of Native stories. For over twenty years, he has been conducting programs for school groups, youth organizations, storytelling festivals, libraries, corporate functions, museums, wildlife groups, and various government agencies. He is a member and former president of the Word Craft Circle for Native writers and storytellers as well as a member of The Native Writers Circle of The Americas. We are looking forward to working with both Claudia and Jim for our exploration into various Native tribes’ cultures this summer at camp.

Because of our work with our education consultants, who are members of very different Native American tribes, our events and camp season will serve as a way for our Heroes to witness (and interact with) characters and stories from oral traditions that have been overlooked by non-Natives for centuries. Our goals are to teach Heroes understanding and compassion for cultures they might know nothing about, and to dispel the misinformation they have seen and heard from Hollywood, the media, and retail representations about the Native tribes and people.

To give your Hero this wonderful journey into these rich cultures, register them for camp this summer. And be sure to sign up before March 25th, so they get access to our FREE Equinox event, while also enjoying our Pre-registration discounts. Give us a call at (781) 270-4800, and tell us about your Hero.