Being a Hero for a summer changes people. We know from experience, and we know from the scientific study we took part in a few years ago, that “acting” as your Hero self helps you become that Hero in all aspects of your life.

For this reason, lesson retention is an important concept to the Hero Trainers at Guardian Castle. At our year-round facility, we try to extend that Hero experience to the off-season months. This encourages the retention (and expansion) of the skills and personal growth your Heroes develop at camp. Here are some of the ways we do this:

In-Game Transfer

This past year at camp, we introduced a book in the world of Sidleterra. This book was called The Book of Intentions, and it was used to help the Heroes think about how best to transfer their Hero-selves into their out-of-game lives. Many of them wrote about how they can help others in their community, and make a difference in the world by just “putting on their character” and doing what a Hero would do.

We plan on using this book in future years, so these campers can see the progression of their Hero-selves, in-game, and out-of-game, as they grow into who they want to be.

Camp Themed Events

United Sword HeroesSigning your Hero up for our pre-registration events (such as the Day of the Dead Event, Hero-Training Day, and the upcoming Equinox Event, gives them a small (and free!) piece of camp during the off-season. These events help them remember how to play their Hero character, and reminds them what it feels like to take this role when they encounter a situation that needs their support.

These events are free to pre-registered campers, so if you register today, your Hero could attend both our upcoming Hero-Training Day, and our Equinox Event, at no cost. Call us at 781-270-4800 to register.

Winter & Spring School Break Camps

Our School Break Adventures are the closest your Heroes can get to their summer camp experience year-round. Here, they can play their camp character for up to a week at a time. We want to make sure that our campers never stop learning. That’s why we offer them opportunities to jump into Sidleterra anytime they have a day off from school. Whether it be a single day school holiday, or a full week of Winter or Spring Break, we want to give your Hero that camp experience all-year-round, so that they never stop striving to become lifelong learners.

Call us at 781-270-4800 to register for our School Break Adventures