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The path to becoming a Knight begins in Guardian Adventure's Little Knights class. This young hero, Cambria, dreams of one day wearing her Knight badge upon a necklace full of beads, each one telling tales of personal achievements. Foam sword games are a small part of this hero's class time, which is filled with creativity, teamwork, and adventures. Each week brings a new chance to save her fellow heroes from giant spiders, escape from the dungeon, build up the village, and sail the seas.


Whether he is a mystical mage, a ferocious fighter, or a revered healer, this hero lives an ongoing story each week in the Guardian Adventure’s Points & Powers class. How the story will unfold is uncertain, but what is known is that the hero will have to learn to solve challenges by training his mind as well as improving his swordsmanship. “Each class, I come to learn how to act and tell a story and be creative,” he says as he returns to the adventure at hand.

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